So, what is the show about?

Kappatoo is based around 2 people who can be termed as “Time Twins” – they are identical in appearance, but separated in time. At some point in the 23rd century, Kappatoo has been entered into contest(by his Father) called “The Hypergrid” where he is to face his nemesis, Sigmasix.


Because Kappatoo knows he will get beat, and most likely hurt, he sets his computer the task of looking for someone much fitter and stronger than himself so he can swap places. Kappatoo is no fool, he knows that this is cheating, but it is a risk worth taking in his opinion as he doesn’t lose face and it will make his father happy.


When results show that there is no one in the current time that is suitable, he searched the time archive. After discounting a few possible matches, he settles on Simon Cashmere from 1990. After acquiring a time belt and crash landing in Simon Cashmere’s bedroom, the 2 swap places. Oddly, after the initial adjustment of being in a different time, both characters take to their new environment.