23rd Century Words and Phrases

The 23rd Century seems to be full of strange phrases and had Simon confused when Mufour left him a video message. Here is an incomplete rundown on some of the words and phrases you may encounter in the 23rd century, so print off this list and take it with you BEFORE you put on the time belt ;-)


Tamasha's - Cafe meeting place

Transisothermic wave shift modulating receiver - Satellite Dish

Hi-de-hey - Hello!

Do you vidi me - do you understand me?

Tranqilo - Nice, cool, amazing

Quazed little toffchuffs - Delighted

Lustro - Awesome, hot, nice, sexy

Lustrette - Feminine Version of Lustro(which is also neuter)

Wazz(ed) off - Piss off/Pissed off