About the site

This site was put together after realising there was no other place paying dedicated homage to the show. The design driver while creating the site was to have the feel of something that was created in the mid - late 90's at the dawn of the 'personal' website, where people would write about things that interested them. This is a site that should have been created back then, but no one did it. We have it now though :)

The usual 90's webiste stuff goes here. The site is always being updated blah blah blah etc etc etc. I have a lot going on in life, so I work on this to have a very nice break from it all.

Stuff to come: More character profiles, Episode Summaries(!), and some other cool stuff that I haven't thought of yet. Maybe.

Leave a message if you have any ideas.

Thanks for dropping by!


Copyright Stuff

All the images were captured by myself from the show. Obviously I do not hold the copyrights to any of this, so if you would like me to acknowledge your copyright, please drop a message on the board or send an email and I will work with you to amend it.


The kappatoo logo at the top of the site was redrawn by myself (obviously it is not my design...I just redrew it). Please don't just copy it, if you ask I will probably send you the vector file of it. Yes, I am quite a nice person. Sometimes.