Series 1 Episode 7              

Out of Time                     


Kappatoo/Simon Cashmere - Simon Nash

Computer - Andrew O'Connor

Carol Cashmere - Gillian Eaton

Tracey Cotton - Denise Outen

Mrs Cotton - Susan Brown

Mr Cotton - Roger Walker

Sharon Cotton - Joanna Hall

Steve Williams - Graeme Hawley

Belinda Blunt - Tika Viker-Bloss

Mr Coppitt - Anthony Pedley

Sigmasix - Felipe Izquieroo

Servant Class Computer - David Whittaker

Donut - Lou Hirsch

Mufour - Vanessa Haddaway

Delta Four - Perrin Sledge

Time Police - David Telfer, Mark Johnson


The Producer wishes to thank

Heaton Manor Comprehensive School

Museum of Science and Engineering

Newcastle upon Tyne


Script Associate - Jenny McDade

Additional Material - Andrew O'Connor, Ray Marshall

Script Editor - Nicole Cauverien

Music - Debbie Wiseman

Production Manager - Don Bell

Production Assistant - Jill Graham

1st Assistant Director - Thomas Guy

2nd Assistant Director - Nael Abbas

Location Manager - Christine Llewellyn

Production Secretary - Susan Tate

Studio Lighting - John Moore

Chargehand Electrician - Brian Rowe

Location Lighting - Dave Dixon

Gaffer Electrician - Lew Hedley

Camera - Dave Bowen

Grips - Bob Dixon

Sound - Ed Gray, Gail Westwood, Roy Johnson

Vision - Harry Henderson

VTR - George Huntley

Props Master - Jimmy Garrett

Props Buyer - Lou Coverley

Make Up - Nadia El-Saffar, Gillian Garner

Wardrobe. - Martin Boagey, Ruth Moth

Graphic Designer - Jon King

Vision Mixer - Jan Appleton

Sound Mixer - Charles Heath

VTR Editor - Peter Telford

Casting Director - Ann Fielden

Costume Designer - Ann Hollowood

Production Designer - Tim Putnam

Executive Producer - Michael Chaplin

Director - Tony Kysh

Producer - Ray Marshall


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Copyright Tyne Tees Television Limited