Name: Mufour

Portrayed by: Vanessa Haddaway

Notes: Good friend of Kapptoo's in the 23rd century. Regularly seen hanging out with Kappatoo and the rest of his friends at Tamashas. Also likes Kappatoo and was especially quazed after he beat Sigmasix o

Trivia: In series 1, Episodes 1,2 & 3, the actresses name was spelt 'Hadaway' in the credits, whereas in episodes 5, 6 & 7 it was spelt 'Haddaway'.

An uncredited actress appears in Series 2, Episode 2, playing the character of Mufive (Mu 5). We are unable to determine is this is the same actress as Mufour, or if it intended to be the same character, as has been seen with other characters between the first and second series where their surnames(numbers) have changed.

Picture of Mufive is below (She was a contestant on Ultramatch in Series 2)